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Get relief from the pain of psoriasis on your penis.

I know that is a bold claim. Let me tell you why it is totally true.

For the past 32 plus years I have had to deal with the scaly itchy skin caused by psoriasis of the penis. It started with flakes of skin falling like a snow storm from my scalp. It eventually covered my arms, back, legs, chest and worst of all, my penis. Sex with psoriasis on my penis was becoming a painful ordeal. I would go into the bathroom and try to rid my penis of as much scale and flaking skin as possible. I was embarrassed and ashamed by the condition of my penis and irritated by the penis pain from psoriasis and the psoriasis scaling on the penis. From assorted treatments the penile skin was thinning and losing its elasticity. The physical contact of sex was tearing at my skin, the penis pain from psoriasis hurt and opened small cracks in the skin. I was almost ready to give up on sex. We all know the desire for sex often makes you ignore the consequences. For years I lived with all the ill effects of having psoriasis on the penis.

RestoreMax™ to the rescue.

MensMax™ developed RestoreMax™ because there are skin treatments for almost every area of the body, except the penis. Penis skin care is a very important step towards better penis health. Now, for the first time ever, there is an all-natural skin cream for the penis and RestoreMax™ is a revitalizing treatment specifically designed to enhance the texture, elasticity, and sensitivity of the penis. This penis skin care product was developed for the mass market. We did not set out to create a product that would relieve the effects of psoriasis on the penis. Penis pain from psoriasis and psoriasis scaling on the penis are important subjects for me. I have seen too many over the counter or internet products claiming a cure or promising to be able to put psoriasis on the penis into remission. At one time or another we all tried one or more of these products out of desperation, only to be disappointed and left with a little less money in our pocket. I can tell you RestoreMax™ is NOT one of those products. There are some great new medicines to treat the symptoms of psoriasis available now. I am fortunate to be able to use one of the new biologic treatments. It works fantastically, yet there are still small patches of plaque left, behind my ears, near my ankles and unfortunately on my penis.

There is no reason not to try RestoreMax™ today. 

MensMax RestoreMax Penis Protection

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Like many other great discoveries, desperation led to the answer.

RestoreMax™ is the perfect penis skin care product for psoriasis on the penis! To find any kind of relief, I started applying RestoreMax™ to my penis and what would you know, I got not just good but great results. It helped wipe away the plaque and enhanced the health of my penile epidermis. I am not going to claim that RestoreMax™ will be the complete answer for psoriasis on your penis but it has really worked well for me and improved my overall penis health.
I will promise you this: The Truth

RestoreMax™ for psoriasis on the penis

  • Help wipe away the plaque
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Enhance the texture of the penile skin
  • Improve elasticity
  • Improve sensitivity
  • Help heal the skin
  • Make having sex enjoyable again.
Will Not
  • Cure psoriasis
  • Make the symptoms of
    psoriasis disappear

There is no reason not to try RestoreMax™ today. 

MensMax RestoreMax Penis Protection

Our Promise:
If you don't agree that RestoreMax™ helped with the psoriasis on your penis, please return it for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Why does RestoreMax™ work so well?

The ingredients in RestoreMax ™ contain the highest quality, skin-enriching elastin, collagen, moisturizers, and aloe-vera as well as a unique blend of proteins, oils, and vitamins.
This combination of ingredients working together helps heal, restore, repair, moisturize, and maintain the skin. Your penis will feel smoother, more elastic, and more sensitive than ever before. You will wonder how you ever got along without RestoreMax™. It helps keep the skin on your penis healthier so that it can stretch to the max, endure the heat of passion, resist the damage of bodily fluids, lubes, and condoms and still come back for more time and time again. Ingredients list.

Combat the effects of psoriasis on your penis. Order Today.

Use RestoreMax™ on a regular basis and you will see marked improvement of the skin on your penis. If you don't agree that RestoreMax™ helped with the psoriasis on your penis,

please return it for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked.

Yours truly,

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